24 06 2010

I may be a little naïve.  Okay, a lot naïve.

 I thought a job was the ultimate form of service.  I thought they represented these sacred cycles and moments and motions of love, renewal and repetition towards each one of us. Kind of like, “I work and in my working I am serving someone.”  When you work you are ultimately a paid servant towards someone else’s good.  We both are paid to offer one of the greatest gifts that one human being can offer to another, service.

But then I grew up about a decade in an instance to understand that even if jobs began as “the ultimate service” concept that that notion has almost died off completely.  Many companies and corporations only serve others in order to offer their best self-service.  Churches acting as companies and corporations, sometimes the corporation named, “Pastor [you fill in the blank] Ministries” sometimes serve others only to reap the benefits that a child of the King should have: houses and riches and wealth.  There’s nothing wrong with that right? It’s Biblical.  God gave them that three-story house and you should be expecting one too because by virtue of you being saved by God’s goodness and grace, goodness and grace should beget gold.  Goodness, grace and gold. See the alliteration?  [Oh, that’s a blessed sermon title! Or as a lot of people love to say, “That’ll preach!”]

The innocence, holiness and the richness of service has slowly been choked out of what it means to serve.  And I’m not completely naïve: I know we have jobs to pay the bills.  I understand that jobs are ultimately self-serving.  But I guess I wonder how does serving someone else for the majority of your day transform into a strategy to best reward yourself by ultimately dis-servicing others? Where is that I-love-you-so-much-that-I-give-up-my-time-my-heart-my-resources-for-you type of service?  The corporate world I can never figure out, so I guess these questions are being asked of Jesus’ body.  What happened to the service that doesn’t expect an exponential return?  Or what happened to the idea of invisible crowns that we gain not on this earth?   I would love to see us serving others not because it will get us a job, a promotion on a job, connections, networking opportunities, something Christian to put on our resumes or everything else selfish-minded.  I would love to serve just to serve.

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