I’m interested in confessions. They are real. No holds barred. That’s why I say bold stuff.

29 07 2010

I’m interested in confessions. They are real. No holds barred. That’s why I say bold stuff.

Because confessions reveal not “slap-on-the-wrist” injustices but mighty acts of stupidity, bad judgment and colossal damage. And after they are tossed carefully into the center of the room, into full view, they become the fuel for God’s bonfire of grace. Burned up by the Holy Spirit into ashes. Ashes we mourn with. And ashes we hold dear as reminders of our humanity and God’s divinity.

Our humanity believes in false things, including divine privilege.

I think we sometimes mix our privilege with God’s blessing. When we think our privilege is God, and in this we not only do the brothers and sisters who don’t receive what we do, an injustice, but we do God an injustice.

We place God in our box of wealth and opportunity and assume that our god can be their god, all the while singing praises to God for the things that we have done.

But happenstance helps our case. Of course, God allowed our happenstance to happen, and we were fortunate to stumble upon middle class parents, our a sharp mind, a knack for math and science, the genes for a model’s body or voice for professional singing, the legacy for succeeding in business, and church, and houses and mindsets that sincerely believe that if people don’t get what we’ve been handed, that they’re not blessed.

But what is blessing?

Maybe we have the definition wrong. Or maybe we have it right.

I just assume that blessing doesn’t highlight another’s misfortune but God’s goodness. Too many things we call blessing pits the haves against the have not’s (within and without racial boundaries).

But I wouldn’t call that blessing but the misnomer, divine privilege.  

And sure, I understand that many times a blessing doesn’t happen without election and selection. But blessing lifted one up in God. The only thing it bragged about was God’s power and control, not self-imposed hierarchy of importance.

 Ramble over.


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