Everyone is musing, few are doing.

27 07 2010

Everyone is musing, few are doing.

Christianity has become an intellectual exercise.

It has become a selfish vault of accumulated interest and information, but when it comes to acting out what we muse over, argue about, rally around, express interest in, present differing views of, and defend to the death, we don’t do anything.

Musing seems to suffice.

Mental exercises appear more Christian than physical sacrifice.

Because we don’t know how to do it long-term. Sure we fast for Lent that rolls around once a year, but we don’t know the practice outside of the season. Of course we take trips overseas during the summer, and during the year muse, present and brag about how humble we are doing God’s work. No doubt, our volunteering once a week means something, until we exit those conditions and re-enter “normalcy.”

We can’t survive sacrifice for too long.

It’s like me and the movie “Precious”. I said it when I saw and unfortunately I can still say it today. I don’t know if I have the courage to be with the marginalized.

I can go for a summer or a week or a few hours a month, but I can’t be there. Being is entirely different from visiting.

We – I — visit the marginalized, but I don’t know how to be with them. This doesn’t mean that I’m not a Christian; it only means that I’m not where I thought I was in the slow, painful process of looking like Jesus.

Maybe I’ll muse over that.

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