My Hope

My Hope

Through this blog I hope to offer not only theological questions, but also questions of identity and formation in various religious traditions. I want to explore and name what has rubbed off on me from both backgrounds: Nigerian and American and address and challenge how have they formed my Christian identity. Given my specific and personal background and life circumstance, I offer in my questions “What is this theology called that I live so knowingly and yet unknowingly solely because of my identity?”

I want to sort out what I think and what I’m thinking over. I plan to write about whatever strikes me, comes to mind, angers me, puzzles me and any other emotion that is worth writing about!

Probably what’s most important for me to write about are small topics and issues and small things we overlook or ignore in the church no matter what demographic we come from. I think there are tons of instances, injustices, people and practices in church alone that need to be questioned and addressed, let alone scripture, so let’s talk about them – one by one!

And one by one, let’s inch closer towards being a perfect reflection of Christ. Notice I’ve said we?

It is a “we” effort. I’m not going to achieve this place of divine perfection alone, and neither are you. So let’s stop pretending and start talking.

The Holy Spirit and our active minds and hearts will take care of the rest.

I’ve heard that who you are determines how you are and I’m out to see if that’s true and what that even means, especially for God’s church.

This blog is an expose of my mind and heart. It’s real and raw and full of questions. I hope it does a good job at breaking the silence I’ve been limited by for so long and breaking the silence that sometimes we live in for too long. I hope that it begins to invoke life together under God through serious and light-hearted dialogue and questions. So please feel free to join me on my journeys and conversations!

I’ll start the convo…

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