About Me

Greetings ladies and gents!

My Background

My name is Tomi Oredein. I am a Duke graduate student who enjoys my life, loves my family and friends and adores questioning my faith and the culture around me. I believe that if there is no space for me, I must create that space since God took time to create me.

I was and always will be a quiet person; and writing is a means through which I can have a powerful voice.

So I write.

My curious nature and introverted personality has always made me a reader and a thinker. In school I was always the smart kid and in church, the good kid. At home, I was the middle kid; so often feeling ignored I sought God. God became a refuge for my overwhelming emotions and my quiet moments of delight. God knew me. God understood me. And I realized that I had so much more to learn about God. So I delved in and will never stop…

Now having graduated from Divinity School (in 2010) and continuing in another program, I don’t feel any more important or proclaim to be an expert in anything but my own life. I’m in my late-twenties which could make me young or old depending on how you look at it; but the way I see it, my age has given me some time to experience some people, places and things. My life and experience are entities within themselves that are well worth exploring (so please explore with me!)

My Reality

I am a first (and a half) generation Nigerian American woman: born in Nigeria, and raised in America, life was further blessed and complicated by being raised in a black church. It was in the black church where I simultaneously met and loved God and learned the “black way of life” while not quite fitting into the black community. I’m further entrenched in identity questioning via attending two white schools for further education. Being an American African, I have had a wonderfully complex life and experience being African, but not quite so and African-American, but not really. Feeling voiceless and often confused in both contexts, I have learned and loved embracing my voice as valuable and unique and, believe it or not, common.

I recognize that I am a complex being and in my history and experience lay insight that have been dormant too long. I have thousands of questions and tons of inklings, so I’m going to write about them and wrestle with them openly, for all to read.

Because I believe in communal exegesis, or learning about the ways of God through scripture with other people, I believe that I can’t figure things out on my own but that I can begin to know something only when others are thinking with (and many times for) me.

I believe in interpreting my life along with others because I am finite and don’t know everything.

If you would like to contact me, please send an e-mail to: tomi.oredein@duke.edu. Have a good day!

DISCLAIMER:  The opinions stated on this blog belong solely to Tomi Oredein. She is not representing any other group, school or entity. Any original content on this website is the property of Tomi Oredein. Use of her ideas or content by any other party is not granted without her express written permission.

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18 12 2014
Russell Backwater

I love your titling your “about” page ‘Why Your Reading Matters’. Reading matters. In the beginning was the word.

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