What Sandra Could Say

24 07 2015

Because her story made its way into my dreams last night and rested on my mind this morning, I thought to honor Sandra in the best way I knew how, through poetry. This is not nor ever will be a perfect expressive effort. I didn’t know Sandra nor do I know the details of her life. But I know she was a black woman who in her assertion of her humanity was overpowered by forces of violence and evil. Thus all of us must face her story, face reality, change reality, and #SayHerName: #Sandra. #BlackLivesMatter

“What Sandra Could Say”

I am not a monkey

I do not need to be made one

I do not need to be tail-ed

I do not need to be in a cage

And I certainly do not need

To hang from anything



I will not be quiet

I will demand my humanity

In my own language

In the dialect of self-respect


I will translate your racism

In my nouns of disbelief

In my defiant words of my purpose

In my movement

Towards your ivory cage

Which I will severely rattle

With the words of who I am



I am here to free you too

My tongue is freeing this nation

From assuming that I am a

Different type of animal

Than you



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24 07 2015
Uncle Bubba


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