Houses Do Theology

15 07 2015

As an African woman I have a tense and tenuous relationship with houses. Growing up I never fully understood how it could be welcoming and yet daunting to exist within. I realized that it was daunting because it was a space of continuous work and not rest for me. And I began to realize that if I did not name my curious reality that I might miss the opportunity to give voice to part of another woman’s story.

So here is my best attempt at explaining why two things that matter to me: houses and theology can speak to one another. The Other Journal gave me a platform on which to speak; I am now slowly learning how to announce myself. So here is my announcement insofar as language can “contain” it.

As a graduate student in theology and ethics, my job is to inspire different modes of thought that push us all towards a future that helps church seem accessible, realistic, and doable.

Thank you for your attention and support and I hope you are inspired to continue to think through what houses and hospitality mean to you!


Disclaimer: The picture is of my beautiful mother who, through watching her story in some ways, inspired deeper thought about women’s relationship to houses.

Scan 6





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