30 Things to Let Go by 30

11 07 2015

Turning 30

30 Things to Let Go by 30!

Hey friends,

Next month, I have the honor of turning 30! To commemorate this fantastic event, I wanted to reflect on things I want to actively work on so that the next thirty years, the thirty after that (basically as long as I live) are lived to the fullest extent with no regrets! So without further ado, here is my list!


1. FOMO – pretty self-explanatory. If I was meant to be there, I would be. Until then, I’ll enjoy the “here” that I’m inhabiting at the moment!

2. An unhealthy desire to be popular (with all of its ambiguity and invisible judges)

3. Wanting more likes on my Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts etc. and assuming they equate to the relevance of my being

4. Believing that I need a man to not be lonely or kids to be fulfilled in life and to prove that my life means something

5. Fearing new relationships because they’re not the ones I thought I wanted or imagined I’d have

6. Being too afraid to make new friends or re-connect with old ones

7. Not saying, “I love you,” “I appreciate you,” “I see you,” “Help me understand you,” or “How can I support you?” enough to people I love, know well, or want to know or love better


8. Wanting to be a size 4 or below in my exercise class

9. Desiring a certain size over being happy with myself how I am

10. The guilt of having one glass of iced tea/one cookie/one slice of pizza (or, frankly, more than one…)

11. The myth of acne-free skin

12. Believing that I need make up to truly be beautiful

13. Wishing that I had: lighter eyes, a small waist, straighter, longer hair – things my body was not meant to have nor hold


14. Desiring a house, pension, a spouse, kids or whatever it is that I’m not ready for, may not want, or simply don’t have at the moment

15. Waiting. Especially for people to make me a priority whom I already prioritize

16. Not being the first person to recognize and celebrate my hard-earned accomplishments

17. Being too afraid to have honest conversations around what I need and what I don’t need – and who I am and who I want to be

18. Not joining in on interesting conversations or social events with people because they are unlike (or too much like) me

19. Not communicating love, respect or professionalism the moment I get a chance


20. Any behavior or mentality that seems, is or might be classist, sexist, racist, etc.

21. The fear of a good challenge

22. False humility/humble-bragging

23. Unrealistic expectations I let others place on me or that I place upon myself

24. Checking my phone the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night

25. Wallowing in low self-esteem with no movement to alter or change my situation

26. Being too afraid to dance at parties, tell a joke or story, or voice my opinion

27. Missing a chance to go out or stay in

28. Desiring a Type A personality if I’m Type B and vice versa

29. Hating the unique things about myself

30. Wanting different gifts, talents and abilities than what I have

30 too

Much peace and self-love to you all! *Muah*




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