Dear Students of Color, OR Resistance is Black and Bold: A Satirical Short Story-Letter

1 04 2015

04/01/2015, A Day of Fools in April

“Dear Students of Color, OR Resistance is Black and Bold: A Satirical Short Story-Letter”


“Dear Students of Color, for your safety and others’ please be attentive to the following:

1. Walk in groups – To ensure your safety it is of the utmost importance that you seek safety in numbers. Resist together. Stand together. March in hallways together. Occupy the plaza in staunch determination and courageous audacity. Loose the powers in the very spaces it tries to occupy. It is guaranteed that safety will be threatened if you do not heed this command. Threaten the safety of white supremacy where two, three, twelve, or a hundred are gathered. Command threat. Watch the foot work.

2. Make sure your hands are visible – Please ensure that your hands can be seen at all times. Grace them with banners declaring your truth and the truth about oppression’s menacing presence on this campus. In order for your fellow students, administration, security and law enforcement to be best informed and well aware of your intentions, you must keep your hands visible. Hold in your hands instantiations of pressure. Allow the signs you hold in your hands to threaten the safety of power’s looming silence.

3. Wear appropriate clothing – To ensure that you are perceived and seen rightly, we ask that wear clothing deemed appropriate. If black must be your dress code, so be it. Uniform your revolution, uniform your resistance, uniform your ambitions and hopes that one day you may no longer be required to wear it daily. Wear your skin proudly and well – never take it off. It is holy garb that you, in being yourself, deem transcending appropriateness and appropriation. The racially charged climate today will not receive you if you do not adhere to a strict dress code. In your dress, de-code evil’s hiding places. Dress this campus with the impossibility of your invisibility.

4. Maintain a strong presence in the classroom – to ensure that your voice is taken seriously, write well, demonstrate proficiency of knowledges and make your voice heard in places designed for it. Through as many words and silences that can hold you, write with the power of against-ness, wield the knowledges that you hold of yourself and your experiences, tell the stories of friends and family, of strangers through your presence. These places were never designed for you; thus, protest them. Build new places. With their resources.

5. Invite your peers in power to join you. If they do, inform them that they will lose their life, that they will risk their families, friends and comforts, that they will tire but must never surrender in solidarity with those who cannot.

Sincerely in Exasperated Hope and Desire,

University Administration of a Revolution of the Colorful Sort”




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