Proverbs Prayers (Proverbs 2:1-5)

30 11 2010

Proverbs 2:1-5

Prayer: Lord, when I think of a contract, I tend to think of legality first. I never think about love. But Lord, this contract, this clause that you have established where we receive knowledge and wisdom and give holy reverence to You just because we accepted our part in loving You is beyond comprehensible. Why enter into a contract that we can break? Why put Your Creator-knowledge and knowledge about Yourself out there for imperfect creatures to grab hold of? Lord, I’m seeing more and more that this relationship is even possible only because You love us. You love us deeply and only ask for that in return, and still want to bless us for doing what we should have been doing in the first place. You are an awesome God and Your love will live with us forever. We only hope that if we renege on this contract that we appreciate through our actions the grace You show to let us comes back in it. Lord, Your love through Your Son is a reminder that You gave up everything so that we could be in relationship with You. May we never forget that lest we forget Jesus. It’s in the name of Jesus the Christ I pray, Amen.




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