Proverbs Prayers (Proverbs 1:29-31)

28 11 2010

Proverbs 1:29-31

Prayer: Lord, it’s scary to think that our wills are more powerful than Your Gospel. It’s downright scary that we can will our autonomy away from You and reap the fruits of that. Lord, maybe this is where fear comes in. Maybe realizing that we can remove ourselves from You will make us understand how scary that is and just how much You love us. Lord, You love so much that You will let us walk away from You. I pray that this is never my story, our story. Help us realize when we are becoming narcissistic or hateful, when we justify sin and shame You. Lord, we know for a fact that we are nothing without You. Help us never forget that; let that be our fuel for praise and worship keeping us lowly and at Your feet. Lord, keep us at ground-level. We want to be on the ground not only in Your presence and majesty but with each other. Bust open honesty and confession, sin-pardon and grace amongst us on earth. Lord, help us be truly human amongst one another and not miniature gods. Lord, help us live into our ground-creature reality and maintain longevity in it. It’s in Jesus the Christ’s name I pray, Amen.




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