Proverbs Prayers (Proverbs 1:27-28)

28 11 2010

Proverbs 1:27-28

Prayer: Lord, it’s very scary to consider that we can take ourselves to a point where we eliminate Your voice out of our lives completely. It’s scary that we can choose a hellish existence over Your life-giving wisdom. Lord, thank You for reminding us that there is not only benefit to heeding Your voice as You only wish to take us higher, but that there is also real consequence in shutting it out completely.

Lord, if we’re not hearing correction, we are not hearing You. If we’re not hearing a push to do what is noble but difficult beyond our human means, then we’re not hearing You. Only You can give us the strength to accomplish what You set before us as the tasks of our day. Lord, Your wisdom is a brilliant reminder that we need You. If we ignore Your wisdom we are telling You that all we need are ourselves and unfortunately we’ll get what we think we wanted. Lord, wisdom demonstrates that we are not smart, clever or on-point by ourselves. Your wisdom reminds us of our humanity and how that human potential can be stretched to look deified because You pull and stretch until You get the best out of us. 

Help us always need You. Help us never be the smartest woman in the world by our own accord, but remind us that we are only because of You. Lord, Your gift of wisdom is a gift reminding us of how awesome You are and how awesome we can be in You. It is a gift because it makes us feel great with little to no cost; all we must do is listen. And all we must do is shed whatever learned behaviors, address childhood issues we’ve never addressed, take our self-excused weaknesses seriously, and be honest with ourselves about who we are and who we want to be. Lord, you are the difference between who we are and who we can be. Even when we have You, we may not be at our potential. Even when it is ridiculously hard, hard to the point of tears and fear greater than our confidence, teach us how to heed Your wisdom. Lord, fill the gap between our reality and our future with the strength of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You for revealing to us that if we seek You early and try our best to enact Your words of wisdom, we have the power and will to close that gap more and more. Thank You for blessing our destiny in You. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.




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