Proverbs Prayers (Proverbs 1:24-26)

26 11 2010

Proverbs 1:24-26

Prayer: Lord, help us live a life pleasing to you even amidst the changes that consequence bestows upon it. We made the choice, help us make choices to continue on even when we make wrong turns and prolong our journey. Help us not genie-fy You expecting You to eliminate the consequences that must ensue, but to accept Your grace that we can move forward in and in spite of our consequences. To be honest it’s hard to accept the consequences of consequence; we want You to rewind time and let us live correctly without the lesson of penalty. But we know You love us and consequence teaches us lessons that erasing consequence would not accomplish. Lord, eliminate our need to spiritualize a spoiled-brat mentality and truly understand that true grace is in allowing us to live on and attempt to get it right. If David reaped the consequences of his sin and could still repent towards a life that honored you amidst that consequence, we can. If Peter could make a mistake of denying Jesus and still be the foremost apostle, we can move forward in consequence and be the best children of God and ministers of God that we can. Lord, what I’m saying is that consequence is hard but our expecting You to eliminate them is unfair. Help us accept what we can’t change and rejoice that what we can’t change didn’t destroy us. Help us rejoice that we’re still living and that we’re still journeying because of Jesus Christ. In His name, I pray and consider all the gifts I have including my life and salvation through Him, Amen.




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