Proverbs Prayers (Proverbs 1:15-16)

22 11 2010

Proverbs 1:15-16

Prayer: Lord, we get it. We may not be involved in the “big sin”, whatever that is, but in any and all of our sin, we’ve told You that who You’ve created us to be is not good enough. We have attempted to tell You, the Creator of the Universe, that we know what’s better for us and Your creation. We, Your children, have remained childish in thinking our sin will somehow make our or lives better. Forgive us for replacing our tiny minds and wills as head of our lives instead of You.

Lord, personally have learned in church that certain things are best for me and that my material wealth and blessing directly reflect that You are King of all the earth. Lord, while it is true that You are King, I’m afraid I’ve mislabeled You. I have forgotten that royalty was given in order to reflect Your heart. Being a child of God, a daughter of the King, does not give me the right to expect things from You Lord thinking being “blessed” with things, money, clothes etc. is the end-goal. Lord, as royalty, my job is justice. As royalty, my end-goal should always be the well-being of myself and others, for royalty does not equate to rich, but it equates to responsibility.

Lord, I’ve been lied to if I think that I deserve comfort just because I’m Your child. I know that I’ve been lied to ignoring the fact that You allowed and anointed the first king in order to serve in a prophetic role, not a material one. Lord, You were rejected as King in the spiritual sense and replaced with a physical king who let physical things govern his heart instead of Your statutes. God, I know You’ll take care of me but it doesn’t always have to be directly tied to wealth. Lord, prosperity has become the definition of what it means to be Your child. Help us destroy that definition. Help us remove “get” from our prayers and insert “give”…and help us mean it. Lord, forgive us for placing the human definition of a king with all its imperfections and sin on Your holy and just name.

Forgive us Father. Forgive us Mother. We have put our childish perspectives on Your holy will for our lives. I know for a fact that after this revelation and this prayer that we will still be imperfect. We won’t get it all right. We certainly won’t cease sinning, but Lord, help us learn how to turn away from the sinner’s path. Help us turn our faces completely and see the beauty directly behind us. Help our hearts release the foolish desires of our hearts and take on desires that glorify You and You alone. Help us run to the narrow path and hurry to give ourselves and our lives for You. This is exceptionally difficult, but maybe if our perspectives change towards Yours, then we will realize that it is not impossible, but pleasant. It’s in Jesus’ holy and perfect name we ask for Your guidance and strength to walk towards and on the right path, Amen.




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