Proverbs Prayers: Proverbs 1:7

18 11 2010

Proverbs 1:7

Prayer: Lord, as I was writing and reflecting, I realized that I ran out of words to talk about You so I began making You adjectives and nouns. Lord, I’m starting to realize that that’s how vast You are. I’m starting to understand that words, churches, and even scripture can’t contain You. You are too much for human minds to even begin to conceive, but what we do know and are figuring out of and about You is amazing. Lord, keep blowing our minds. They need to be disoriented from this world’s way of thinking and categorizing; they need to be continually dismembered so that we can remember our humanity and that we have our minds only because of You. God Your greatness is so “God”. Be God in our lives today and help us remember that emotions are drops of water in the vast ocean of You. Emotions seem overwhelming sometimes but Lord maybe we are letting the appearance of a seeming reality occupy greater space in our minds, hearts and imaginations than they need to. Lord, I ask You not to tame our emotions but guide us into a place of wisdom and great knowledge where we can begin to tame our emotions for ourselves. Lord, we rely on You but we also know that in, with and through You we are great. We are not great because of appearance, like emotions can sometimes be, but Lord we are great because You humbled Perfection to be with us and are teaching us to invite Perfection into our souls. May our spirits win the battle of the everyday knowing Your Spirit is in us. It is in Jesus’ mighty name I pray and thank You for being beyond good to us, Amen.




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