Proverbs Prayers: Proverbs 1:5-6

18 11 2010

Proverbs 1:5-6

Prayer: Lord, I thank You that in the mundane, the boring, the typical of our everyday’s, of our lives, You speak. I’m glad that we don’t have to prepare a place within ourselves for knowing Your statutes more closely, but that this holy place of preparation for You, this temple, is already in our being. Lord, teach us your wisdom in our will to exist and live.

Lord, I confess that I can get hard on myself for not doing quiet time a certain way: reading scripture every morning for half an hour, praying every week for hours, etc. Help me realize that my revelation can come in my trying my best to live like You. Help me see that my quiet time can come in walking down the street, thinking about a person, reciting my favorite passage of scripture, talking with friends, doing dinner with new friends, singing, writing, whatever you have placed in me to enjoy can certainly be my time with You. Lord, You’ve called us to seek and we will find. Lord, if we seek what You have designed us to love, surely we will find You.

Forgive me for trying to live into other people’s molds and methods for quiet time with You for years. Forgive my naiveté that I learned so eagerly in college, in churches growing up and in spiritual conferences. My time with You is just that: mine, the way You’ve designed me to know and learn and love You. Lord, I see You in writing, dinner with others, community, singing and laughing. Help me stop comparing this method to others. If it works for You, then it works for me. I am definitely getting to know You better.

Lord, help me shut out voices of former pastors, speakers, mentors, peers, enemies etc who taught me that their method or the popular method of quiet time was the “true” model. I struggle so much with falling short, but I realize now that I was falling short of their expectations, not Yours. Lord, I love the fact that I can know You in a way that feels loving and enlightening to me! I’ve confessed, now help me repent- living a life that demonstrates guilt-free living and subsequent freedom to love and be with others as You love and are with people. Lord, I love You for setting me free from spiritual blueprints that were NEVER designed for me. Help me walk in the narrow path that You have designed just for me. Lord, it is narrow, but it is mine- but most importantly it is Yours, and Lord, I want to be where You are. It’s in Jesus’ holy, majestic, powerful and simply loving name I pray, Amen.




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