My-dentity Part I

9 09 2010

My-dentity Part I

It feels like a cross to bear, not quite fitting into one religious tradition or Christian denomination. And it’s not only a cross for those within the network of Christian labels and distinction by denominations. No, it’s for those who live intra-cultural existences. It’s for those who are not only stuck between denominations, nor between religions, but between cultures that express various opinions and traditions towards both.

I feel for intra-racial children. They never quite can feel and be African, nor can they quite be African-American in entirety. It’s a confusing label to live in and with, especially when you aren’t its creator.

I heard that the Christian faith was supposed to be uncomfortable. Point taken, I understand that the faith is a difficult and humble one to take part in, be transformed by and ultimately learn how to selflessly live out. But does ethnic difference have to further muddy the gray waters? Does rejection from one’s own people(s) have to be a part of that “Christian discomfort”? I hope not but I’m afraid so.

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