6 08 2010

I’m listening to my Crystal Aiken station on Pandora and just had a moment of deep appreciation.

I love Gospel music. Not like, but like and love!

There’s something about good Gospel music that makes my soul explode within me, and if I wasn’t in a public context 90% of the time, I’d burst out singing right along with the awesome artists.

But I don’t. We don’t.

At least I don’t think we do.

I wonder what would happen if black churches took their fervor for Gospel music and for evangelism and combined them together.

What if we shed our misconceptions that Gospel music has to be sung in church sanctuaries, with microphones, choir robes, an organ, drums, or piano and that evangelism has to be raw, confrontational, forceful, unyielding (I mean, Paul was direct, right?) and turned them both on their head by combining the two.

Sometimes Gospel music gets lost in the performance, and worship as a performance, public worship can sometimes lose its’ Jesus.

Sometimes door to door, or just plain evangelism is more uncomfortable than telling of a comforting Savior. Sometimes I feel that we lose more people evangelizing than serving people well at our jobs or being kind to people we encounter in our daily endeavors.

So why not go to a place that you’d desire to evangelize and have what you need at a table (book bags and school supplies, food, meal tickets, whatever) and just sing while distributing them? No talking. No “I’m Minister Smith from Kings Road Missionary Baptist Evangelical Free Church door the street”. No introductions. No altar call. Just a sign that says take what you need and sing with us if you’d like. And dinner will be served at (fill in the time).  

And start singing. The director should have a repertoire of what everyone is singing, but the only words that should come out of anyone’s mouth are glued to a note.

When all the supplies are gone, the church should have dinner with people in the neighborhood. And let the neighborhood do the bulk of the talking. The church should listen to their story and even if they aren’t the wealthiest church, see what they can do to help.

Rinse and repeat once a month.

And see what changes happen in that neighborhood and church, see what friendships form, and see who is affected most by who.

I have a feeling that the lines will be blurred, unlikely friendships formed, and pews or chairs filled in the sanctuary of your church.

 And God will be honored deeply, all because of good Gospel music and a new twist on evangelism.




One response

6 08 2010

Yes! No more performance. Let’s worship as a lifestyle and share this with others.

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