The Written Voice

29 07 2010

Recognition feels good.

It’s borderline addictive. Okay, it is extremely addictive.

We feel unimportant if people don’t read our blogs. Or at least I do. I wouldn’t dare speak on behalf of the blogging world.  

I crave acceptance, praise and attention, not only for my words but my writing is my confession. It is my vulnerability. It is worship for me. It recognizes my entire person has a voice and that the voice and thus the person has worth and value.

Ideas that were once swirling around in my mind, I put to words on a screen and hope that whoever reads it will be touched, challenged or changed. And when this doesn’t happen, something’s gone awry.

A lot happens in my mind – have I offended someone? I wonder who won’t speak to me this week. Is my opinion and heart really that wrong?

Skill-sets are questioned. Callings are mulled over. And having a voice online all of a sudden doesn’t feel like it should. It’s not removed like originally imagined. But it’s real and in your face. And in my face.

And we stand face to face, voiceless.

The blog speaks for me. For you too. For us, I guess.

And in the cyber world of real words and real emotions, real theology being wrestled out of the depths of my soul and being, I wonder if I’m being recognized.

Because this doesn’t feel good. But it is good, for me and for you.

It’s all out there.

Even if my tongue doesn’t have the same volume my written word does.

The written word is my drug of choice. My vocal chords are late bloomers.

I recognize that.




One response

29 07 2010

Good stuff, Tomi.

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