It’s hard being a PK, ask Jesus.

21 07 2010

It’s hard being a PK, ask Jesus.

I guess I’m talking about the other PK, the parishioner’s kid. It’s hard to be….regular. It’s hard not being called because you’re not legacy, because you’re not next in line to become a minister, lead a church, excel in a ministry.

It’s hard.

But maybe Jesus came to overturn that. He had a different legacy in the Davidic line, but became a Rabbi, a minister. He sort of followed the Levite path, although his legacy welcomed a warrior. So maybe it’s okay for us to step away from what our parents did, and what history tells us we’re supposed to be, be a normal church-goer and respond to a call we’re feeling.

Maybe we don’t have to even be an important PK, just an obedient minister. It can get tricky because in today’s mega-church culture, the pastor’s kids or grandkids, the extrovert, the businessman turned minister and the masterful rhetorician are all the top candidates to be recognized in ministry.

Women don’t quite fit, unless they exemplify characteristics in the above-stated listing. Introverts are seen as parishioners only. How does an introvert preach? They must not be called is the conclusion.

But I think it’s safe to say that God calls what seems ridiculous (foolish) to shame what seems obvious (the wise). Maybe God will shame the pastor’s kid, popular preacher, expert word-extraordinaire with the shy, introverted, sometimes stuttering woman that is a PK too.

She’s may be in a different league, but guess what? She still plays the game.

Can I get an amen?




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22 07 2010
Alexandria Hawkins


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